Pace Domestic

No matter what the job, Pace Electrical provides a first class service including:

  • House rewiring
  • 24/7 emergency call outs
  • Electrical inspections
  • Extractor fans
  • Lighting
  • Heat Pumps
  • Switch boards
  • Exterior lighting and electrical sockets
  • Wiring electrical cookers and boilers
  • House alterations and renovations
  • Alarms and PIR (passive infrared sensor) lighting
  • Tv and data wiring
  • CCTV Cameras Systems

Electrical Safety in the Home

Used safely, electricity can improve our lives. However, warning signs like burning smells, arcing (crackling or buzzing) or fuses blowing should never be ignored. Damaged or worn sockets, plugs or cables can cause shocks, burns or fires.

Contact Pace Electrical if you’re at all concerned about anything electrical around the home, garage or garden.

  • Check plugs and sockets for burn marks, sounds of arcing, or for plugs that are overly hot or have a discoloured casing.
  • Remove plugs carefully by holding the plug. Don’t remove a plug by pulling on the cable. This could damage the electrical connection between the plug and the socket and or loosen wires.

Follow basic safety guidelines

  • Always replace damaged electrical cables.
  • Don’t trail electrical wiring underneath carpets or rugs. This is both a trip hazard and a fire risk.
  • Don’t use adaptors plugged into other adaptors. Don’t overload adaptors with high current appliances such as heaters, irons and kettles.
  • Don’t bring mains powered appliances, (heaters, hair dryers or radios), into the bathroom.

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