Electrical Safety and Standards

Pace Electrical Service thoroughly plans work on electrical equipment, machinery or installations and applies suitable equipment and work standards.

Particular care is taken when repairing equipment that is safety related. For example, equipment in a potentially explosive atmosphere, or equipment guarding against contact with moving machinery. Pace Electrical makes sure repairs will not prevent the correct operation of your equipment or adversely affect its safety.

All Pace Electrical staff are not only trained to meet electrical safety standards but also undergo regular re-assessment.

Pace Electrical, Appliance Testing
(Test and Tag)

Current legislation specifies the in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment designed for flexible cord connection. This legislation also applies to cord extension sets, portable outlet devices, portable residual current devices and portable isolation transformers.

The Standard specifies safety inspection testing and tagging protocols. These cover anything that plugs into a normal power point including computers, normal extension leads and power packs.

Legal Electrical Requirements
and Standards

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is responsible for the regulations for the electricity industry, created under Part 5 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010. Energy Safety, part of WorkSafe New Zealand, acts as the regulator for ensuring the safe supply and use of electricity and gas in New Zealand.

Frequency of Testing

The OSH safety standards minimum frequency of testing depends on the environment that the appliance is in and the risk of a fault.

Summary of Minimum Requirements
for Testing and Tagging

  • 3 Months. Building or construction site and other hostile environments
  • 6 Months. Workshops, factories, place of work and clean equipment
  • 12 Months. Environments where the appliance or cord may be flexed or damaged
  • 2 years. Bedroom areas of rest homes, hotels, motels and hostels
  • Relocation. If an appliance is relocated, then the new environment test requirements apply

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